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ScreenWings Anti-screenshot solution

ScreenWings is an anti-screenshoting software that prevents (malicious) software from capturing your screens. If you want to test the security of ScreenWings, try Snipping Tool, pressing 'Print' or any capturing software! By starting ScreenWings with the '-Ghost' parameter, you can hide all UI elements and automate its protection.

Security without performance disadvantages

Most of the protection is static, which minimizes the requirements for ScreenWings.

Full system wide screenshot protection

This application defends supported programs on all screens you want them to be protected.

Protects up to six screens

Even if passwords are hidden behind ***, critical entries such as e-mail addresses and private notes can still be screened.

Guard against
Use ScreenWings

The minimalist interface works without text, yet offers an almost unbreakable protection against multiple attack vectors.

If you are interested in integrating ScreenWings in your company, please use our contact possibilities and give us a rough overview of the intended use. It is possible to customize the protection for sensitive applications tailored for your needs.