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OW Shredder

File, folder and drive eraser

OW Shredder is a powerful security tool, that allows you to completely erase sensitive data from your computer. Individual files, free disk space, and entire volumes get erased securely. In addition OW Shredder offers various tools to scan, analyze, and wipe; other traces that were left behind. OW Shredder also supports a desktop widget, a context menu integration and automatic recycle bin cleaning. All in all this small and portable application gives users or even companies the perfect solution to eleminate sensitive data from their computers or servers.

  • Desktop widget
  • Customizable GUI
  • Command line support
  • Simple drag and drop
  • Advanced multi-threading
  • Context menu integration
  • Automatic recycle bin cleaning
  • Different and custom erase algorithm

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Bulletproof anti-keylogger

Ghostpress is a free anti-keylogging software that prevent malicious software from capturing your keyboard presses.

  • Whitelist
  • Portable mode
  • Process protection
  • Command line support
  • Anti low-level keylogger
  • Desktop widget or favicon
  • Delay protection to spoof typing style
  • Full system wide key press protection

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Anti-screenshot solution

ScreenWings is a free anti-screenshoting software that prevents (malicious) software from capturing your screens. If you want to test the security of ScreenWings, try Snipping Tool, pressing "Print" or any capturing software! By starting ScreenWings with the "-Ghost" parameter, you can hide all UI elements and automate its protection.

  • < 1 MB space
  • Global protection
  • Command line support
  • Protects up to six screens
  • No administrator privilegs required
  • Very stable and portable application


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Share your screen

SharedScreen is a minimalistic screen sharing tool which makes it easier than ever before to share your screen to one or even many people at the same time. Your viewers no longer need any additional download. You can start the application and start sharing within one click.

  • Live chat support
  • No viewer count limitation
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Additional password protection
  • Start and share within seconds
  • High DPI support e.g. tablets and netbooks
  • Viewers only need an URL to view your screen
  • 3 different quality modes for fast and slow networks

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Encrypted to-do list

SaMotion is a simple to use, yet powerful tool to manage your tasks so you only focus on what is really needed. The docking feature allows you to use the tool in many situations. A few examples would be: As a private movie and series list, your projects or even for your real work. In addition SaMotion offers great protection of your data, by encrypting everything with Blowfish 448Bit. You can export your graph as PDF and the project files and the executable are fully portable.

  • PDF export
  • High security grade protection
  • Simple and fast task management
  • Check finished tasks with one click
  • Set priorities to mark important tasks
  • Clean structure: categories and sub items


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Day by Day

Developed by Hendrik Schiffer - creator of the familiar Stalked series, the new game called Day by Day confers a new meaning of underground survival horror. You lead the soldier Alexander and choose what path you want to take. Face a new experience of horror gaming with enhanced graphics made possible by the newest version of the firebull engine 4.


Stalked I - III

Stalked Incubus
While the mission started as an usual reconnaissance mission, the soldier has to fight against the loss of the control over the mission, before the mysterious Stalker causes more harm. Facing incredible terror, and fighting for the own survival, the soldier has to decide what way to go. Stalked Incubus Developed by Hendrik Schiffer - creator of the seminal Stalked series, Stalked Incubus confers a new meaning of emotional survival horror. The soldier can decide for different paths. What is most worth to you? Your duty, your love or your revenge? Face a new experience of survival horror with enhanced graphics made possible by the newest version of the firebull engine 3.

In Stalked@Home you are in the role of the young child Jonny. One night he has got a bad dream, so he wakes up in the middle of the night after his dad told him a scary "good-night" story. But that what happens, is not a just a bad dream...

Slender was the inspiration to create a horror game. In this chapter you wake up in a big and scary hall. Will you be able to escape?



Testing your phone security made easy. This device can test PINs, passwords and pattern. Simply plug in Androstrike and then set it up. The cable ensures your phone does not run out of battery while the device keeps testing until possibilities are tested.

Sample test length: 4 numbers PIN can be broken within 18 hours. 5 numbers take up to 8 days. That is why Androstrike supports additional start parameters in situations where you know a part of the unlock code. Stop and resume is supported as well.

In development


Our Geheimdall is a hardware master password storage manufactured in Germany. It allows users to store a password on an external mini computer. By using hardware and software side encryption the master password is protected additionaly by hidden key injection technologies in order to overcome key loggers and other malware.

Cased in a durable ABS shell Geheimdall will safely store your master password.

Hardened encryption using Threefish with seperate keys with different (GPU/ CPU) resistence for maximum brute force protection.

In development

Sort algorithms

QuadBlock, HybridBlock

To date, we have already created and rewritten 4 sorting algorithms. Each time, we have developed our original idea of block sorting. In our comparison, we have developed the 4th and 5th fastest algorithm. Nevertheless, we are constantly working to improve and hope for even faster results.

By downloading algorithms of Hendrik Schiffer from this site, you agree to the following license.

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Our principles

Free software

Regardless our software quality we believe spreading free software all over the world is our duty.

Protect privacy

We do not need a "privacy policy" because we do not collect any data from you. Neither our site nor our applications secretly monitor. We only receive what you send to us via e-mail or our contact form.

Strong encryption

HTTPS alone is not enough, we rely on strong encryption in our cloud infrastructure. As e-mail provider we are using Protonmail for end-to-end encryption.

Maximum compatibility

In part, our applications still work on Windows XP and extend to the latest version of Windows.

Long-term experience

For several years, we have been producing various applications with a focus on security and, in addition, we always respond to security problems that have become known.


No matter if criticism, new ideas, great ideas or an intensive technical discussion. You can contact us anytime.

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Who are we?

  • About us

    At our place placed in Germany we create award-winning software to make your computer more secure and to protect your privacy. Whether you are erasing sensitive files on your system with OW Shredder, hosting your files and sites with SecureGhost, protecting your computer from key-loggers with Ghostpress, or simply looking for relevant algorithms; we will most likely have a program for you.

  • Developers

    We are a global leader in security software, mainly active in Germany, with support from Canada. We are dedicated to creating the best applications for your personal computer.

  • Software

    Our software and videos games are used and trusted by tens of thousands of customers, in nearly every country and even in many companies. In fact OW Shredder alone has been downloaded more than a 100,000 times. We have improved and optimized thousands of lines of code and are giving our best to create free software for your needs. Our developers aim for the best, most compact and portable, bug free software products that you can run on your computer.