Mobile protection

CamWings Anti-camera solution

CamWings is a free anti-camera software that prevents (malicious) software from using your cameras. If you want to test the security of CamWings, try any camera software!
Security vulnerabilities such as CVE-2019-2234 proof that disabling the camera unless needed is the only sensible way.


Secure yourself by using CamWings

  • Security without performance disadvantages

    The protection is static and consumes neither CPU power nor RAM when being protected.

  • Full system wide camera protection

    If you are running our program as device owner you will block access for all users.

  • Protects against all methods

    Some apps may secretly take photos without you noticing, but CamWings will take care of all of them!

  • QR code to clipboard tile

    A simple click can copy a QR code to your clipboard. To get started just add the tile!

Download CamWings

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