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OW Shredder File, folder and drive eraser

OW Shredder is a powerful security tool, that allows you to completely erase sensitive data from your computer. Individual files, free disk space, and entire volumes get erased securely. In addition OW Shredder offers various tools to scan, analyze, and wipe; other traces that were left behind. OW Shredder also supports a desktop widget, a context menu integration and automatic recycle bin cleaning. All in all this small and portable application gives users or even companies the perfect solution to eleminate sensitive data from their computers or servers.

In-depth erasure

Not only the bytes are overwritten, but also additional file system traces.

Custom erase algorithm

If the default algorithms are not enough, then just create one as you wish.

Additional tools

In addition to secure deletion, you'll find various analysis tools, an autostart manager, and more.

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The ingenious and colorful interface has been synonymous since 2012 for secure deletion of data and data carriers.

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